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Stack Attack Classic 13 downloads

21.4Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

A new remake of the famous game "Stack Attack" in an updated format. Choose from three workers and clean up the warehouse to form chains of boxes and score points. Lots of new bonuses, secrets and pleasant controls will entertain you as you compete...

Fast Game Recorder 13 downloads

5.8Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Fast Game Recorder is a free game recording software designed to record your game video. Helping people to record and share their gaming experiences. ...

Healthiest fastfood opt Puzzle 13 downloads

0.2Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Solve a fun and challenging Healthiest fastfood opt Puzzle. Complete the puzzle to win.

Pachinko a Go Go! 744 downloads

89.6Mb     Shareware |  $ 29.95

Play Pachinko a Go Go! The exciting Japanese slot game simulation. Virtual pachinko parlor girl, Atari-chan, cheers you on. When you hit the slots she gets excited and dances. If she gets really excited, she might even fall out of her dress!...

Elf Bowling Hawaiian Vacation game 658 downloads

0.7Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Elf Bowling Hawaiian Vacation game is an Arcade game, If you thought Santa's elves were crazy before, just wait until you see them on vacation! The mischievous crew has escaped from the workshop to hit the sand and surf in Elf Bowling Hawaiian......

Sexy Girls Game 12 downloads

4.1Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Sexy Girls Game is a fun picture puzzle game with three levels of difficulty you can choose from....

Just Def Space 18 downloads

6.1Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Plunge into the ruthless atmosphere of space. Only sharp reflexes will allow you to hold out until the timer counts all the way down. With unique guns and abilities, and persistent megaboss opponents on 2 levels, every fight will be memorable. Be one...

Lada Simulator 2015 18 downloads

96.5Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

LADA Simulator 2015 Sophisticated physics of the car, with beautiful autumn scenery to make the picture more realistic, as well as the new system that makes it possible to slow time to negotiate sharp turns with pinpoint accuracy and get a completely...

Infinity 18 downloads

26.6Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Infinity - is a set of minimalist and dynamics. Beautiful graphics, nice soundtracks and exciting gameplay will not make you bored. The game is very simple and does not require any skill, it is suitable for all ages. Small Games Developer wishes you...

Freedomapk B Puzzle 12 downloads

0.2Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Solve a fun and challenging Freedomapk B Puzzle. Complete the puzzle to win.

Memory Game 23 downloads

11.7Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Memory Game is an addictive puzzle game with a beautiful design that will please your eyes. What makes it unique is the dynamic weather that doubly improvse gameplay....

Fen Sui By Zip 19 downloads

10.5Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Press to flutter clumsy birds and see how far you can fly! Help awkward birds get home and try not to fall into the tube along the way!...

Mocking Bird 19 downloads

5Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

MockingBird running along. You play as a bird that must fly through the pipes. Rack up points and brag to your friends! Can you beat all the records? Challenge yourself in the game MockingBird!...

Pumpkin Ninja 19 downloads

14.6Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

In this game you have wield a sharp sword with fast strokes to cut juicy orange pulp pumpkins! Of course, the magical pumpkins are not so easy to dice up. They are Halloween pumpkins after all. Someone who is invisible is juggling pumpkins on your mo...

The Labyrinth 2 19 downloads

41.2Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

TheLabyrinth2 is a fun game in which you need to get out of a maze. To do this you need to correctly position the levers and find the key which is always in the same place. Their are tips to on each level to help you manipulate the necessary levers a...

Castle Brick 19 downloads

6.4Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

The essence of the game: Gather resources and construct buildings for the night you will inevitably be attacked by monsters!...

Painted Guy 17 downloads

12.3Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

In The game Painted Guy you have to help a charming man. After passing all the obstacles give this sweet creature to the finish....

Hellish Heaven 18 downloads

25.5Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Hellish Heaven..God's life seems simple: Create something, sit back and watch as it develops slowly, occasionally sending angels to whip things back into shape. But what if your creation is out of control and decides that it is time to fundamentally...

ColoRythms 20 downloads

16.2Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Main goal - to provide transportation of particles of a certain color into the corresponding receivers. Generator generates particles which can have up to five different colors. For the transportation of particles need to use switches and rotators (i...

Angry Plants 2 23 downloads

7.3Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Angry Plants 2 marks a return to the PC of our leafy friends. Once again, this game is loosely based on the highly popular Angry Birds series. In this version there is no clown, only plants. Bad plants must be eliminated, and watermelons are the main...

Portal 20 downloads

5.7Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Interesting game. You need to get through the portals of the dungeon. You - a small ball. Funkiness, but bold. Try out! Good luck!...

Racers Club 21 downloads

34Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Become a member of Club racers. Choose a track, car and go! Prove to everyone that you do not scratch!...

Strong Planes 17 downloads

10.4Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

You are an aircraft pilot, and must survive at high altitude in the mountains! Controlling the mouse, you'll dodge the rocks and collect coins to buy power-ups. Break records and share them with your friends. The game features two languages: Russian...

Grind Zone 18 downloads

26.4Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

GrindZone - an amazing place where there are unexpected adventures, cute atmosphere and intense battles. Cute cartoon style of game will like to fans of the soft colors, anime fans and all those who are tired of playing with pseudo-realistic graphics...

Mini Golf 18 downloads

21.5Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Mini Golf Championship is a real 3D simulator of the same game. We tried to make game interesting and fascinating. In the game rules of true mini golf are realized. In the game there are 72 kinds of different tracks. They are banked in 4 levels, by...

Derrek Quest 6 18 downloads

252.7Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

This is a story about a war that happened far away from home in the general Segovsky Empire space fleet led by Derek Spaceman. On planet Earth, where he lives and is the grandson of General, something terrible happened. Crowds rushed mutants from the...

Crocodiles In Mid Air 12 downloads

7.6Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Crocodiles, flying on balloons? Yes indeed! Defend your tower from many different crocodiles and keep them from reaching the top. There will also be a variety of bonuses in your arsenal, which help even the odds....

The Weightlessness 17 downloads

34.6Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

The game will take you into a spaceship carrying the alien monsters reign parasites! Clear vessel - 10 rooms - is not so simple ... To help you have jetpack, 3 types of weapons, ammo, which still need to earn. Also in the game is present physics Box2...

Fluff 'em Up 925 downloads

4.6Mb     Demo |  $ 19.95

Make colorful birdies come into combos to fill the whole vial with the magic dust and advance on your path across the fairy kingdom. Nice graphics and animation, beautiful music, 3 single-player modes, Duel mode, Worldwide Hall of Fame and much more....

AV VoizGame 17 downloads

6.5Mb     Shareware |  $ 29.95

AV VoizGame is a voice chat tool that changes your voice to various character voices, both male and female, for play in online games. The software is compatible with many chat clients, including Ventrilo, Teamspeak, etc., and games like WoW, MU, etc....

Forest Werewolves 17 downloads

39.1Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

One day my friend, the reporter called me and said that he was sent to the forest under the name Forest Werewolves in order to find out what is happening there. At night, he called me again and said, "They found me, these terrible, big, hungry wolve...

Collector 17 downloads

14Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Controls: LMB (left mouse button ) - collect money RMB (right mouse button ) - change the type of service Description: The player acts as a fundraiser for paying the utility bills: water, electric and heat. Above characters appropriate icons appear...

Bright Bob 110 downloads

8.9Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

A fascinating and colorful game of skill and reflexes with a blinking character. Our hero, bright-eyed Bob, just rolled into town to raise a little ruckus. Dropping boxes, safes, nails and hammers must be avoided! Grab bonus lives and stars....

Fruit Ninja Cuts 61 downloads

10.2Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Fruit Ninja Cuts is exactly what it sounds like: A Ninja cuts fruit. Our Ninja closes his eyes, picks up his sword, and cuts fruit that is thrown his way. But beware that not everything is fruit and therefore able to be sliced. Start with 3 lives....

Inked Ravens 85 downloads

100.5Mb     Demo |  $ 20.00

Inked Ravens, an alternative edgy punk 3D virtual lovemaking sim, featuring tatted and pierced alt babes, 13 sexy positions, and a mouse option that puts you right in the action. Experience the alternative subculture like never before....

Super Car Racing Game 35 downloads

4.1Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Super Car Racing Game is simple but very interesting racing game which supports single player and multiplayer....

Puzzle Rail Rush 17 downloads

16.7Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

You should build track by moving and turning puzzle blocks. Building the track is a puzzle because the game field is made of blocks with rails, traffic lights, tunnels. Have a lot of fun with this new and unique railroad puzzle. Two different modes,...

Iris Puzzle Game 16 downloads

4.1Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Iris Puzzle Game is a fun picture puzzle game with three levels of difficulty you can choose from. ...

Sujiva 17 downloads

114.4Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Welcome to the world of steampunk, a vast world of steam engines, fantasy creatures, and, of course, magic. The main character is a girl named Hoshi, a member of the Order of Astral Hunters sent to the southern region of a mysterious country, "Sujiv...

Glow Ball 17 downloads

34.6Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

The author of this project was inspired by the old, but still fascinating Arkanoid game, in which you clear the playing field of multi-colored blocks by bouncing a ball to them. Numerous bonuses fall from time to time from endangered elements, adding...

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