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River Raider for Mac OS X 147 downloads

12.1Mb     Shareware |  $ 14.95

River Raider is a fresh remake of an old action game that brought you much pleasure a long time ago....

Moondo 189 downloads

84.3Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Moondo is the only Cross-gaming universe, launching you and your friends into fast-paced multiplayer action games. Create your character, choose your slider, customize your buggy and play with your friends in stunning arenas and race tracks....

ArenaXcape 117 downloads

146.7Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

ArenaXcape is a multiplayer arena shooter game based on AlienXcape. In ArenaXcape you can battle with three of your friends over a LAN or the Internet. Check out all OTS Software games at

Alien Exterminator 130 downloads

16.4Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Alien Exterminator is a 3D first person shooter game. You are an alien exterminator and you have been sent to a space station that is infested with aliens. Now Vista compatible and still free. Visit for more free games....

The Crypt - Full Version 134 downloads

17.6Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

In this 3D First Person Shooter game, you wake up in a dimly-lit crypt. You have to shoot your way out. Using the arrow keys and your mouse, you navigate the tightly guarded maze of The Crypt. This is the full 10 level version of The Crypt....

RC Spider Hunter 175 downloads

21.2Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Your house is teaming with spiders. You have to send in your remote control car to exterminate them. Like a real RC car, you must be going forward or backward to negotiate a turn. Check out all OTS Software games at

Cosmic Jumble 129 downloads

20.1Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

"Cosmic Jumble" is a classic downloadable game in a cosmo-scroller genre. Hostile cosmic forces have attacked intergalactic station of Terrans. You're the only pilot survived. Now you are the one to countervail a whole army!...

Medusa\'s Lair 153 downloads

23.6Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Medusa's Lair is a 3D FPS game. You have entered Medusa's Lair, a large, cavernous den crawling with Medusa's evil spawn. Fight your way through this confusing lair to destroy Medusa. Visit for more free games....

3D Asteroids Game 119 downloads

2.9Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Hyper Asteroids is a 3D arcade style space shooter game you can play on the PC. Use your mouse to guide your space ship and shoot to destroy asteroids and enemy space ships. Hyper Asteroids has a large game play area with a mini map....

Monster Attack 114 downloads

3.4Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Aliens landed and want to take over the world. You just cannot let that happened. You are a gunman owning a powerful anty-alien weapon. But a good gun without a great shooter means nothing. Kill those ugly creatures....

Gulman 2 160 downloads

123.1Mb     Demo |  $ 4.99

The impressive indie third-person shooter which will break your stereotypes! Product of two developers. A game by famous artist Svyatoslav Gulyaev. The game represents a fusion of detective adventure story with quest-arcade-shooter atmosphere....

Final Battle 139 downloads

0.2Mb     Shareware |  $ 20.00

first person tank shooter. manuveur your space tank down the corridors to encounter enemy fire and shoot up all for points....

Bitshot 119 downloads

0.2Mb     Shareware |  $ 14.95

First Person Shooter. Seek out and shoot up all the bitmap men in the maze....

Sun Blast Demo for Windows 139 downloads

52.7Mb     Demo |  $ 19.95

Two of the most feared enemy races joined forces to launch the ultimate attack, known as "Sun Blast". Your mission is to seek and destroy all enemy starships, which are the main threat. Prepare for combat!...

Breaktime Invaders 121 downloads

0.9Mb     Shareware |  $ 10.00

Really nice space invaders clone for windows. Shoot down all the space invaders for points and avoid being hit by enemy fire....

Helic 3D 57 downloads

38.2Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Helic - free arcade helicopter sim. The game is aimed at all players, from novices to hardcore action gamers. Players can try their skills at three campaigns: Islands, Europe and the Middle East....

Crystal Gunner 100 downloads

2.4Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

New addictive puzzle free online game created by Your favorite classic match-three game becomes more addictive and bright. Shoot at the falling crystals, three or more of the same color disappear....

Body Count 100 downloads

0.9Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

The Earth has once again been invaded by a horde of aliens, and it's up to you (as an isolated resistance fighter with an itchy trigger finger) to stop 'em all by your lonesome. The future of the planet is in your hands, can you finish the job...?...

Contra - Hard Corps 111 downloads

1.9Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

When there's a hideous alien race, mad terrorist army, or just some general madman scumball to be eliminated, there's only one team to do the job: the Hard Corps....

Isometric Arcade Shooter Dual Pack 138 downloads

2Mb     Shareware |  $ 19.99

Two isometric shooters for the price of one. IsoShoot: isometric space shooter, similar to space invaders. BadShot: move your man through the isometric maze and shoot up all the bad guys for points....

Jurassic Park - Rampage Edition 131 downloads

1.5Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

This is a 3rd person side-scrolling shooter. Destroying the dinosaurs is so fun! You will be battling against velociraptors, raptors, pterodactyls, triceratops, a T-Rex and those really some carnivore dinosaurs....

Metal Slug - Cannion Shooter 128 downloads

8.2Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Fight your way through the canyons taking out the enemy on the way down. Look out for upgrades and good luck. And watch out for You parachute don't fall down....

Chicken Invaders 3 Easter Edition 245 downloads

11.3Mb     Shareware |  $ 22.50

Chickens. For centuries we have oppressed them, grilling, roasting, stewing, and stuffing them in buns. The time has come for us to pay. Intergalactic chickens are invading Earth, seeking revenge for the oppression of their earthly brethren!...

Counter Strike Flash 2 213 downloads

3.8Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

A very detailed and featured shooter based around the popular Counter Strike game. Challenge your shooting and war strategy skills here! First person shooter like Counter Strike except you perform certain miss....

Counter Strike Desert War 217 downloads

3.9Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

A very detailed and featured shooter based around the popular Counter Strike game. Challenge your shooting and war strategy skills here! First person shooter like Counter Strike except you perform certain miss....

The Juicer 97 downloads

63.5Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

A cheerful first person virtual shooting range with a user-friendly gameplay. The scene takes place in the near future in the territory of a fictitious country....

Battle In The Sky 111 downloads

3.5Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

The Earth has been invaded by an evil alien race. And since you are the top pilot of the most advanced fighter craft around, you are the world's only hope ! This is an awesome Free game!...

jalada AstroChase 148 downloads

98.4Mb     Shareware |  $ 9.99

Shoot the waves of aliens and avoid their fire! Watch out -- menacing aliens enter the game from all sides, and can swoop down to get you at any minute! Your mission is to hold out for as long as possible using your space ship....

jalada AstroChase for Windows 186 downloads

77.4Mb     Shareware |  $ 9.99

Shoot the waves of aliens and avoid their fire! Watch out -- menacing aliens enter the game from all sides, and can swoop down to get you at any minute! Your mission is to hold out for as long as possible using your space ship....

YAM II Return of the Killer Potato 109 downloads

59.8Mb     Shareware |  $ 9.99

Yam is back in 3D! After the surprise success, Yam returns on the screen with YAM II- Return of the Killer Potato....

Crazy Dart Shooter 109 downloads

4.3Mb     Shareware |  $ 0.99

Step right towards the target to challenge your best skills as well as aiming tactics in Crazy Dart Shooter iPhone Game. Get rewards with every high scores. Crazy Dart Shooter is a premium physically designed dart game for iPhone and iPod Touch....

Wormy 102 downloads

0.4Mb     Shareware |  $ 7.95

A cute little Centipede game. Almost or somewhat similar to the original. Blast away....

Shell Shocked 106 downloads

1.2Mb     Shareware |  $ 14.95

A top down tank game. Dodge enemy fire and shoot up all the tanks on the screen....

DooM II - Resurrected! 280 downloads

324.4Mb     Shareware |  $ 15.00

DooM II - Resurrected is an Advanced, Fun 3D First Person Shooter Game Based on Doom 2 - It's a Doom 2 Remake... Resurrected is a lot better than the old Doom 2 Game Published By id Software in 1994. This Game contains Doom 3 Like Weapons......

FPS Trainer 35 downloads

62.9Mb     Adware |  $ 0.00

Dominate in your favorite first-person shooters! Increase your accuracy! View a graph of how much you're improving. Try and get into the High Scores! Practice in the Training Grounds mode and completely customize your training sessions...and more!...

Creativo Scarab 96 downloads

4Mb     Shareware |  $ 19.95

Stop the avalanche of bubbles and save the ancient ruins! Shooter Scarab is an addictive arcade game with simple rules and two game modes: Relax and Timed mode....

Bubble Game Intermediate 69 downloads

8.9Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

Start this awesome bubble game with four different bubble colors for an intermediate fun bubble shooter game! This bubble game has a blue oval bubble, Orange Circle Bubble, pink diamond bubble, and a yellow square bubble!...

download game free version 58 downloads

0.5Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

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Wolfenpriest 2 18 downloads

2.5Mb     Freeware |  $ 0.00

This is a remake of the classic Wolfenstein 3d. Guide player through 10 levels. You, the player, are in a nazi prison. You must find your way out, but watch out for the gaurds, and dogs. Locate keys throughout the building to get to the next floor....

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